Sponsorship Opportunities

What is better than watching a major sporting event on a large screen HDTV? What's better than being in the stands? Why being there as a sponsor and making lots of money for your company.

Our Sports Marketing Program is not about your company being solicited by race teams desperate for money. It is not about sitting in the stands among thousands of others who spent their $95.00 - $300.00 for a ticket. Sports Marketing is about experiencing the sport and its events from the inside as a participant who matters. It is about creating a highly effective and well-planned marketing program first...then finding the event and clients that will increase your advertising dollar the most.

As a company involved in sports sponsorship for decades, Jordon Michael has the experience and knowledge to help you build a sports marketing program that will pay off in bottom line results. It is not about company executives having a great time on the company dollar; it is about making money. That's why we put first things first.


Don't get the wrong impression; we are not only about the sports industry. Our service will strive to find the absolute best mix of sports and entertainment mediums that will help your company the most. If our first idea will not help your bottom line, we'll find the best sports and other opportunities that will.

Jordon Michael is a leading Sports and Entertainment Marketing Company on the cutting edge of Marketing Initiatives to help companies drive ROI and brand loyalty through the medium of Sport and Entertainment. As an agency that represents athletes, and sponsors, our programs will help all parties in the sponsorship industry. We can match your specific needs to existing clients or go out onto the marketplace and negotiate with other companies on your behalf. We seek to provide a mix of relationships, imagery and activation platforms that will improve bottom lines while making efficient use of marketing dollars compared to other media and properties. To receive our confidential Sports Marketing document by email, please call 1-253-232-0349 and we'll send the document. Please note: the information describes this service and requires a non-disclosure agreement.