Jordon Michael believes that entering into a sports endorsement contract could pose its own unique challenges and qualms as counsel, agent and athlete seek to hammer out a relatively arms length deal. Negotiating in good faith and knowing what a client desires, laying the foundation for the agreement while knowing how to offer client guidance, insight and expertise when needed.We also seek to forestall, to the extent of foreseeing possible problems down the road while protecting the best interests of the client. Jordon Michael feels that by further enlightening you about the sports endorsement contract, we can better find the perfect situation for "you" the client. Our philosophy is to take the three major components break them down and make sure you are in total agreement with all the expectations that will be asked of you. The Public Appearance Clause depending upon among other things, the negotiating strength of the athlete and incentives involved. It would be prudent to limit or define public appearances the athlete is obligated to perform under the contract. The Exclusive Clause like any other entertainment contract, exclusivity is and extremely important point worth contemplating depending on negotiating strengths and weaknesses of the athlete. An exclusivity clause confers on the other party to exclusive right to use athlete's likeness, image and name in marketing and promotion of its products. The Compensation Clause deals with money and how much and in what forms the athlete is to be compensated.